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2022 Visa Lottery Winners Announced

Dear Reader, the winners of the Fiscal Year 2022 Visa Lottery Drawing have been announced.

As of Saturday, May 8, the U.S. Department of State’s Visa Center provided a link where entrants to the Visa Lottery, as the DV-2022 Diversity Visa Program for immigrants is known, can enter their entry numbers and check to see if they won.

As you may recall, this visa lottery began on October 7 and closed on November 10 of last year; once participants have submitted their application, they should have received a confirmation number as indicated by the Department of State.

It is good to inform you that the Visa Lottery draws every year 55,000 Legal Permanent Residency cards authorized by the U.S. Congress. The Residences of the winners may be used as of October 2, when the fiscal year 2022 begins; in this sense it is good to clarify that the Department of State will send first of all to the winner’s address a list of requirements that must be fulfilled to continue advancing in the contest until obtaining the Residence.

It should also be noted that this visa program is open only to persons from countries that meet certain minimum requirements, including education or work experience, either having completed high school or its equivalent, or having two years of work experience.

To find out if you have been selected, you should go to the Entrant Status Check search engine on the website.


This search engine is the only way the Department of State notifies winners of their selection in the DV-2022 Visa Program.

No letters, e-mails, or approval requests will be sent to winners.