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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Consultations are offered directly by attorney Jesús Reyes and are previously scheduled. 

The advice will be in reference to an immigration case. 

Our types of consultations: 

  • Face-to-face (value $200, with a duration of 30 minutes).
  • Telephone consultation (value $200, with a duration of 30 minutes).
  • Consultation via email (value $200, with a response time of 72 working hours after the case is presented).
  • Emergency consultation (value $400) is subject to availability.

To know our availability and schedule a consultation you can contact us at: 888.MI.GENTE (888.644.3683) +1 (786)732-4805, WhatsApp +1 305-586-9418.

Through a previously scheduled consultation. For information about our consultations, you can access the following link: 

Legal Consultation

To know our availability and schedule a consultation you can contact us at: 888.MI.GENTE (888.644.3683), +1 (786)732-4805, WhatsApp +1 305-586-9418. You can also contact us directly at our office.

Our offices are located at:
14201 SW 120th Street Suite 206 Miami FL. 33186

Our consultations are offered in three modalities:

  • In person (attending our offices).
  • Via email.
  • Domestic and international phone calls.

Yes, the attorney and his staff are available and willing to assist you anywhere in the United States.

Yes we do. We do offer telephone and e-mail consultations, we can also handle your case.

First, you should schedule a consultation with Attorney Jesús Reyes so that he can evaluate your case and offer the best solution for your case.

No. Currently, fees are offered during the personalized consultation with attorney Jesús Reyes, since not all cases are the same and are offered according to the actions and legal proceedings to be carried out.

No. Our policies were informed at the time of scheduling the consultation, where it details the refund clause. Likewise, the policies are published on our website: https://jesusreyeslaw.com

After the consultation is scheduled, it cannot be cancelled or changed. However, you have the option to schedule a new paid consultation.

Although the firm will make every effort to call our clients at the most convenient time for them, the firm cannot guarantee a specific time of the call. We recommend that you watch for the attorney’s call on the day of your appointment.

To make the payment of the consultation you can contact us through 888.MI.GENTE (888.644.3683), +1 (786)732-4805, WhatsApp +1 305-586-9418 where one of our representatives will help you schedule the consultation for the day of your convenience and availability. You can also schedule a consultation by visiting our offices. 

Yes, we can provide you with all the assistance to open your case online and via telephone.

In most cases they do not. Immigration agencies mostly accept copies of documents.

No, not at all. We serve our customers worldwide by email and telephone.

The value of the consultation depends on the one you select:

  • Face-to-face $200 (Two hundred dollars).
  • Telephone or via email $200 (Two hundred dollars).
  • Email Consultation $200 (Two hundred dollars).
  • Emergency consultation $400 (Four hundred dollars). 

*Non refundable.

Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Payment for our consultations are made by debit or credit card, cash payment, or with a Visa or Master Card Gift Card for the value of the consultation. 

Below are our contact numbers:

Inside USA: 888.MI.GENTE (888.644.3683) or +1 (786) 732.4805.

You can also do it through our WhatsApp: +1 (305) 586.9418.

Legal Questions

It is very easy to find out the status of your case. In order to find out the status of your application with immigration, simply copy the reference number located on the immigration receipt, form I-797C, into the box available at the following link:


You will then receive a response to your application from the USCIS.

If you are in a renewal process before the immigration court and need to know the details of your next hearing, all you will need to do is enter your alien number in the box provided in the following link:


To find out the status of your application, you must copy the reference number located on the immigration receipt into the box available at the following link:


If you are interested in applying for TPS Venezuela, click on the following link: https://jesusreyeslaw.com/tpsvenezuela/

TPS requirements vary by country of nationality. Nationals of some countries (Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador) currently do not need to apply for TPS renewal as long as they obtained TPS in the last registration period. If you have any questions about TPS or/and employment authorization/TPS-based travel document, please click on the following link for more information (or contact our office for a consultation):


Generally, after 150 days after your asylum application has been processed, you will be able to apply for a work permit based on your asylum application.

At the time of your TPS application or after approval you can apply for a TPS-based work permit as well as a travel permit.

The requirements for obtaining a driver’s license vary by state. Each state has an agency in charge of issuing driver’s licenses. Generally, these agencies will ask for at least two proofs of address, proof of legal status or discretionary relief (e.g., TPS, asylum, DACA) and an identification document: Example: Passport. For more information, you should contact your state’s motor vehicle agency.

After you receive your Employment Card, the Social Security Agency should automatically mail you your Social Security card. If within fifteen (15) business days from the date you received your employment card you have not received your social security card, you should contact the Social Security Agency office nearest you and request an appointment to obtain your card. 

You can locate the nearest office by clicking on the following link: