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Positive changes to the 10-year law

Important decision of the U.S. Supreme Court would stop the deportation of countless undocumented immigrants.

The Supreme Court of Justice of the United States in a 6 to 3 decision ruled, on Thursday of the week that just ended, that incomplete or erroneous Notices to Appear (NTA¡) are not valid and do not stop the clock of the continuous presence of undocumented persons in the U.S., presence that at the time they are required, would give undocumented persons the possibility of obtaining a “Discretionary Relief” by the Immigration Authorities, such as the 10 year pardon;  This requires that the interested party complies with the 10 years of continuous stay on U.S. soil, in addition, of course, that the undocumented person has no criminal or criminal record and demonstrate that his removal will cause extreme hardship to immediate family members.

To give an idea of what the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court of Justice is about, it is necessary to define what a Notice to Appear in Court (NTA) is and it is nothing more than a document issued by the immigration authorities, which undocumented immigrants receive for an appointment to continue the deportation process, going before an Immigration Judge for the resolution or not of their situation based on the merits of the case, if this document or notice has any error, either in the date of appearance before the Court, or in the address where the interested persons must appear at the hearing, it will then be considered invalid, and by not being valid, the Court points out that the time clock will not stop at the time of filing of charges “could therefore comply with the requirement of time of stay by the undocumented person to avoid being deported. It will all depend on the judge in the case.