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What are the 3 New Immigration Executive Orders signed by President Biden?

To begin with, it is worth noting that the objective of these new Executive Orders is to dismantle the zero-tolerance immigration policy of the previous Trump Administration.

These Orders deal with or relate to:

  • The separation of minors at the Border , i.e., reunification of parents and children who were separated at the border with Mexico in recent years.
  • With the Protocol for the Protection of Immigrants (MPP).
  • And the Public Charge Rule.

It is important to inform that a task force has been created to review the policies of family reunification, political asylum and benefits to undocumented immigrants, within 120 days, formed by the Secretary of Security and the person in charge of border policy.

On immigration, some immigration reform supporters have criticized these Executive Orders as revisions rather than reversals or dismantling of the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance policy.

As for the Immigrant Protocol MPP, it only calls for the revision of such program and does not eliminate the policy that originated it and that went into effect in 2019 and that requires immigrants seeking asylum to remain in Mexico.

We can also highlight some of the considerations or intentions of the Biden Administration said yesterday :

A plan will be established to “Ensure safe, legal and orderly immigration”.

There will be direct collaboration with Central American countries and international organizations in order to protect asylum seekers and immigrants from their countries.

Let’s hope that these evaluations and intentions of the new Administration are quickly or expeditiously materialized and do not remain in a vacuum for the good of our immigrant community.