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Eliminate “Third Country Safe” Agreement with Central America

Good news for our Central American brothers interested in asylum!

The “Safe Third Country Agreement” implemented by the Trump Administration to deport immigrants to El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala is cancelled.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced this Saturday that President Biden discontinued the Asylum Cooperation Agreement (ACA) known as the “Safe Third Country Agreement” signed by former President Donald Trump with 3 Central American countries, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, in this sense he pointed out that these actions do not mean that the US borders are open and pointed out that the Biden Administration believes that there are other more appropriate ways to work with Central American countries to manage migration throughout the region than the one indicated by the work team of former President Trump.

The United States plans to assist the Northern Triangle of Central America with the goal of promoting opportunity and prosperity for people and communities throughout the region.

I believe that suspending this agreement will prevent the deportation or expulsion of many immigrants quickly or expeditiously and will avoid forcing asylum seekers to apply for asylum in those countries.

If you need legal assistance for an asylum case, either affirmative asylum or in immigration court, allow my team of immigration attorneys and I to assist you adequately with the professionalism and effort that your case deserves.


Jesus Reyes, ESQ.