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Re-opening of MPP cases or “Stay in Mexico”.

The MPP or “stay in Mexico” program, which applies to immigrants seeking asylum at the U.S. Southern Border, will begin to be dismantled.

As recalled in 2019 the Trump administration issued a Memorandum of Migrant Protection known by its initials MPP or “stay in Mexico” which practically forces people seeking asylum to be referred or sent to Mexico to wait there for the result of their asylum application made in the US.

We must also keep in mind that once the immigrant arrived and demonstrated that he/she faced a credible fear of persecution in his/her country of origin before immigration officials in the U.S., he/she must then defend his/her asylum case before an Immigration Judge, who will determine whether to grant him/her asylum, grant another benefit, or deport him/her; While this happens, the immigrant must wait for the final result in Mexico which the economic, living and health conditions are not at all favorable, not even having to rely on professional legal representation to advise them on immigration matters, which is why many cases are unfortunately or regrettably dismissed or denied.

The good news my dear readers, is that now, unofficial sources indicate that the new policy of dismantling the MPP or “Stay in Mexico” program of the Biden Administration will begin in 2 weeks, although some already indicate that it could begin on Friday, February 19, and where it is also reported that it will be a policy of limited admissions of 300 people per day of the many thousands (25,000 immigrants) who have their cases open. 000 immigrants) who have their cases open before the U.S. Immigration Courts and are in Mexico and who would be received through 2 or 3 legal ports of entry to the south of the U.S. among which we can highlight San Isidro in California, El Paso and Brownsville in Texas.

Finally, it is important to inform that immigrants arriving to the U.S. soil through the above-mentioned ports of entry must undergo a medical examination and coronavirus test.