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US Supreme Court decides that immigrants who seek asylum and fail their credible fear interview have no right to appeal ruling in federal courts

The US Supreme Court of the United States, in a decision of 7 against 2, ruled on Thursday June 25 in favor of the Trump Administration order, regarding its efforts to accelerate the deportation of immigrants seeking asylum.

The case originated from the immigration proceedings of a man from Sri Lanka, whose name is Vijayakumar Thuraissigiam, who was arrested in Mexico and although he applied for asylum,  immigration authorities decided to expeditedly remove Mr. Thuraissigiam since he was not able to demonstrate his credible fear of persecution.

The US Department of Justice argued that allowing immigrants like Mr. Thuraissigiam, to challenge adverse credible fear finding before federal courts,  would open thousands of similar claims, complicating the Asylum processes; In this sense, the highest court in the country pointed out that asylum seekers who do not pass the credible fear interview and are deported cannot challenge the decision in the courts, that is, asylum seekers with rejected cases due to lack of merit found in their credible fear interviews.