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By: Jesus Reyes, Esq.

Let us start with the good news…

A federal judge in Washington DC reversed President Donald Trump’s policy of limiting claims from asylum seekers at the US/Mexican border who have crossed through a third country in route to the United States.

Under President Trump’s reversed asylum policy on third country, if a person crossed through other countries such as Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala before arriving in the United States, they must apply for asylum there, and if not, these people would risk their Asylum applications be denied in the United States.

This is definitely a victory for immigrant families who are victims of persecution and are forced to cross through other  countries in-route to the US This measure also applies to people who arrive at ports of entry in the United States such as airports and seaports, but had to stop in other countries before reaching the United States. 

Now the not so good news…

The administration of President Donald Trump scored a political victory when the U.S. Supreme Court gave him the green light to be able to deny asylum seekers the opportunity to appeal their cases at the federal level, if they do not pass their credible fear interviews. credible.

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