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Proposed Law would Provide Many Immigrants Permanent Legality

The House of Representatives of the US Congress presented a bill that would give many immigrants a path to legality on a permanent basis.

The project is known as the “The Dream and Promise Act of 2019″. This law, if approved, would provide permanent residency for many young undocumented immigrants – as well as immigrants protected by the TPS Temporary Protection program, as well as those covered under the program for young DACA dreamers and the Deferred Forced Program.

This bill, also known technically as law HR 6, would be a way to permanent residency for undocumented youth who can first qualify for a conditional protection status of 10 years.

According to information obtained through the media, immigrants must formalize a 2-year course or vocational program, complete 2 years in the army or work for 3 years (provided they have a work permit at least 75% of the time).

The proposed law provides that immigrant youth may request financial aid for their studies and conditional access to professional and commercial licenses, which would allow beneficiaries practice in their professional field

The proposed bill also requires the Department of Homeland Security to explain why the TPS was canceled for several countries under this administration, as some, such as the case of Haiti, had not improved enough to accept the return of their citizens according to press reports.