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Supreme Court Rules in favor of Immigrants Punished by Arbitrary Charges

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of immigrants who have been punished for vague and arbitrary criminal charges.

The case heard by the court was the case of a person named Dimaya, who is an immigrant who arrived when he was 13 years old. The Obama administration decided to deport him to the Philippines when a judge determined that his 2 state convictions qualified then as “serious crimes” – which allows for the deportation according to immigration laws for violent crimes.

However, the immigrant’s lawyers argued that ordinary intelligence does not understand what kind of crimes lead to deportation. The case reached the Supreme Court and there the immigrant felt hopeless, due to the fact that Trump had just appointed a new conservative Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, who could tip the balance against him. But Gorsuch voted with the liberal judges in favor of the immigrant. Gorsuch wrote, ”Vague laws invite arbitrary power”.

Therefore, the Supreme Court of the United States ,by 5 votes to 4 , annulled the provision of the law that requires the forced deportation of immigrants convicted of violent crimes. For this reason, the immigration authorities withdrew the deportation order that the immigrant had against him, and he was able to recover his permanent residency and now become a citizen.

What was the government’s response to this fact?

The answer was to demand that Congress close the legislative holes that in their opinion “block the expulsion of foreigners.”