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Immigration Proposal Failed

The news about the president’s support for immigration reform for young dreamers known as the Dreamers comes in the context of increasingly aggressive actions by immigration authorities across the country to deport undocumented immigrants who have not been convicted for serious crimes. In this sense, the president proposed a reform plan for young dreamers (Dreamers) that was presented on Thursday before the United States Senate, who rejected it, as it had done before with a bill prepared by legislators from both political parties, and two other projects that had arrived at the site.

Both the one with the president’s endorsement and the one that had emerged from the bipartisan agreement “opened a path for 1.8 million young immigrants to access US citizenship,” but differed from the resources allocated to the border security effort.

The failure of the Senate to reach a consensus on the issue of immigration “puts these young immigrants in danger of deportation beginning March 5, when the White House plans to end or rescind the legal protections of the Obama era. It is clear what the House will do in case of arriving at that date without agreement; It is important to note that the President’s plan included, in addition to greater restrictions on legal immigration, the cost of border security.

For its part, the bipartisan plan had been rejected by pressure from the White House according to USA Today. The President himself had used his Twitter account to describe the plan as a “complete catastrophe”. The agreement on the Dreamers has become more complicated.