What does it really mean to sustain political asylum before the immigration announcement (USCIS) to quickly process all applications of asylums submitted without long waiting times?

The Immigration Service has reported that the latest asylum applications to enter will be the first to leave, that is, processed immediately.

Why this radical measure?

It seems that the United States Government has realized that many unscrupulous people who do not qualify for asylum are being granted work permits, while their cases are being processed in a period of approximately 5 to 6 years waiting for a definitive answer.

These cases of asylum applications seem to be accompanied by similar false proofs and arguments in all cases of persecution.
It is important that the argument that justifies asylum be credible; If you have a good asylum case, it will be considered regardless of the number of people who are fraudulently applying.

If you wish to apply for asylum in this country, you will need to prepare and verify your case thoroughly, in addition to being accompanied and assisted by a good immigration lawyer.