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Recent News on Immigration

The Supreme Court of Justice heard this Friday, February 23, President Trump’s appeal of a judicial decision that blocked his order to eliminate D.A.C.A.
Legal experts were of the opinion that it is difficult to predict what it will say during these situations.

Meanwhile, the lower court ruling that prevented President Trump from repealing the program that protects more than 800,000 dreamers from deportation remains in force.

President Trump’s decision to eliminate the Temporary Protected Status Program has been classified as an act of racism by the beneficiaries of the T.P.S of Salvador and Haiti, who filed a lawsuit against him in Boston Massachusetts Court.

The lawsuit demands that the elimination of the Program be prevented since it will be devastating for more than 200.00 Salvadorans and 93,000 Haitians here in the United States.

Experts on immigration issues point out that, if a favorable ruling is received, there would be hope that all the beneficiaries of the T.P.S can extend their stay in this country.

Salvadorans received one last extension, but they must submit the renewal before the deadline in 25 days to receive the 18-month extension.