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President Donald Trump announces drastic changes to asylum-based work permits.

The administration of President Donald Trump revealed a plan that will take effect starting August 25 of the current year, regarding work permit applicants based on an asylum application. Among the most striking changes are the following:

  • Asylum seekers will now have to wait 365 days after their asylum application is processed to apply for the work permit, unless “good justification” is demonstrated. 
  • Asylum seekers who came to the country illegally, that is, not through a port of entry and were never processed at the border and did not enter with EWI visas, do not qualify for work permits.
  • Now, the USCIS Immigration Service would not have to process work permits based on asylum applications within 30 days, (it can take much longer just to process).
  • Applicants with a criminal history, regardless of the crime, at the discretion of immigration authorities, will be denied the option to apply for a work permit.

It is important to note that these changes will take effect starting August 25 of the current year.

Therefore, it is imperative that asylum seekers who may be affected under this new regulation, submit their work permit applications as soon as possible.

In our offices we assist the immigrant community in the United States to effectively apply work permits based on different immigration procedures including political asylum.

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