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President Donald Trump declares that several work visas will be suspended until December 2020.

President Donald Trump announces that several categories of work visas, with some exceptions, are suspended for the remainder of the year.

This executive order will take effect tomorrow June 24, 2020. Under the executive order issued on April 22, the executive order limiting immigration to the United States was nearing conclusion, but is now going to be extended.

What are the affected visas under the executive order?

  • H1B: Visa for professionals or highly specialized employees: among these; engineers, scientists, highly qualified personnel, system personnel, computing, arts).
  • H2B: Visa Non-specialized workers: cleaning, construction, hospitality, customer service workers. Plus there will be an exception for agricultural personnel.
  • J Visa: Special visa for individuals doing internships and cultural or educational exchanges. There will be an exception for individuals doing internships and exchanges in the area of medicine, as long as they can use their talents to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • L Visa: For transferred executives. This visa is generally granted to executives of transnational companies or companies that would open headquarters in the USA and they want to transfer personnel to the United States.

President Donald Trump alleges that these measures are necessary to safeguard the labor market within the United States and prioritize jobs for American citizens, and on the other hand to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, pro-immigrant groups and tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook have spoken out against the measure and have described it as something that will ultimately harm America’s technological development and advantage.

It is important to highlight that the President has not eliminated other types of visa such as tourist visa, student visa, special talents, among others.

Now, due to travel and flight restrictions around the world, together with the fact that the American embassies are operating in a limited way, these other visas are indirectly affected. 

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