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Coronavirus Relief Fund denied to Young College Dreamers Protected by DACA Protection Program.

It is astonishing to see that young university dreamers protected by the DACA – Deferred Action Program, are not given the opportunity to apply to participate in the Coronavirus aid funds for university students.

Unfortunately, the Central Administration considers that the Dreamers do not have the option to benefit from the 6 billion that will be assigned to the American students so  they can obtain food, medical attention, among other benefits. In this sense, the US Secretary of Education published an interim final rule last Thursday “LAW 360” in which it states that only students considered in Title lV of the Higher Education Law can receive financial aid from the emergency fund in the CARES Law.

Now, who besides the Dreamers cannot receive this financial aid?

They cannot receive it:

  • Undocumented immigrants.
  • International Exchange Students.
  • and those students who have a bad academic record.