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Immigration Changes for 2021

Welcome to the New Year!

Dear reader, the year that just ended was very turbulent for our immigrant community, unfortunately because the Trump Administration, that is to say the Central Government dedicated itself to issuing a set of new immigration regulations within its “zero tolerance” policy complemented or linked to the coronavirus pandemic for its justification thus making almost all immigration processes difficult.

In continuity to what was previously expressed it is necessary to say that this year that begins awakens certain hope that this situation will not continue to occur in the same way as that of 2020, due to the political changes that have occurred up to now, such as the election of a new President at the beginning of December of last year which was certified on January 6 of this year by the representatives of both Houses of the U.S. Congress:

1 – of an environment in which there could be a total legalization of all our young dreamers, who came as children to the land of freedom in the United States under the DACA Temporary Protection Status

2- to be able to grant a Protection Status known as TPS to the Venezuelans that are in the United States fleeing from their country, due to the subhuman situation in which the regime maintains its population (the TPS is optional for the Executive, that is to say, the President)

3 – and that of implementing a major immigration reform, provided that there is the political will to do so. Many congressional representatives, both Republicans and Democrats have already expressed their will.

Our Office will be very alert monitoring all the events that occur and affect our immigrant community, in addition to guiding them so that their immigration situation reaches a happy ending; I wish you all the best for this year and many blessings!!!!