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Good News for DACA!!!

Great triumph!! for those young dreamers who arrived on American soil and had not yet been able to enter the DACA Deferred Protection Program.

The Department of Homeland Security of the United States accepts today, Tuesday December 8, to abide by the order of a Federal magistrate, which last Friday demanded to maintain the program with the same conditions with which it was established in 2012, because of that from today on its website accepts to receive new applications 

But what does this decision of the Federal Judge mean?

In summary, this decision means that from now on, new applications from young people will be accepted for this Program, and the renewals will be valid for 2 years and not as desired by the Trump Administration for one year, among other considerations.

It is important to note that the Central Administration continues to argue that the Program is unconstitutional although so far the Supreme Court has not given any decision.