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Good news for Resident Card Renovations

If your Permanent Resident Card has expired, it is important to know that from now on you should keep the following in mind:

The Immigration Service introduced changes to the document that supports the validity of the card for up to 12 additional months after the expiration of your Legal Residency Card; in this sense, it does so by replacing the adhesive stamp, so that legal residents (LPR) can extend the validity of their document.

According to a statement issued on January 12 of this year by the USCIS Immigration Agency, it states that: 

“When submitted with the Permanent Resident Card, the revised notice on Form I-797 will extend the validity of the Permanent Card for 12 months from the date on the front”. 

 This change ensures that Legal Permanent Residents who have a recently expired or expired card will have a

  • Current identity document. 
  • Employment Authorization. 
  • And Authorization to return to the USA after a trip temporary abroad.

It is important to note that those immigrants who already have an appointment scheduled will receive an extended validity sticker stamp, and those individuals who submit the I-90 form to replace their Legal Resident Card will receive notification of review with a new stamp within 10 days