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Immigration and Citizenship Services Clarifies Consequences on the Possession and Distribution of Marijuana

The US Citizenship and Immigration Service clarified what the immigration consequences that a legal resident can carry due to possessing and/or distributing marijuana, or, dispensing or manufacturing cannabis, as it may not be considered “good moral character.”

Let’s start by understanding what we mean when we speak of “good moral character.” We refer to the fact that the citizenship applicant must prove not to have committed a crime during the last 5 years, or provide false information to obtain immigration benefits.

As is public knowledge, the Immigration and Citizenship Service USCIS reported on its website recently and then the media that the moral character will be in question if a legal immigrant has links to marijuana. This includes the states where it’s use has been legalized. Due to it being a prohibited substance at the Federal level – violations related to it are generally an obstacle to demonstrating good moral character for purposes of naturalization even when the conduct does not constitute a crime under state law.