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Results of the Diversity Visa Program Made Known

The Department of State announced the results of the 2020 Diversity Visa Program (DV-2020). Commonly known as a Visa Lottery, as of Tuesday, May 7, 2019, all foreigners who participated may consult through the website of the Department of State if they were beneficiaries of residency in the United States via this program.

Applicants must enter their confirmation number and personal information to know the result.

It is important to clarify that although a foreigner has been selected, that does not mean that they will receive their visa immediately. First and foremost, the US Department of State and the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) will conduct a thorough investigation of the participant's background before submitting the residency document.

In this way, starting in the month of October, interviews will be made and the test documents will be received, among which we can highlight – academic certificates, work experience, etc.

As is public knowledge, this program ran by the State Department will deliver 50,000 Visas to foreigners from countries with less representation in the US, so its call does not include citizens of Mexico, Canada, India, China and other countries.

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