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Immigrants who entered the United States without inspection and seeking asylum, will no longer be eligible to be released on bond

Immigrants who Cross the Border Illegally and Plan to Seek Asylum in the US Will Not Be Entitled to Bail.

As usual, the asylum seekers are sent to the Immigration court to decide if they will be deported or granted asylum once they go through their credible fear interview. Now, as they wait for the decision, the applicant will not be able to leave through a bail, but will have to be in the detention center until his/her case is finalized if the immigrant entered the country illegally (they did not appear in front of a border agent) and wishes to apply for asylum in the US

This recent guideline will become effective within 90 days.

According to US Attorney General William Barr, only the Department of Homeland Security has the authority to allow an undocumented asylum seeker who has entered the country illegally to leave on bail – concluding that these foreigners are ineligible for bail.

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