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New guidelines on deportations in the US come into force on October 1st

To understand these changes it is important to clarify – what is a Notice of Appearance (NTA)?

The NTA is a notification document to a legal immigrant or in process of legality that the Government has determined is “deportable”. With this document, you are informed that you must attend an Immigration Court for the corresponding hearing before a Judge of Immigration. These Notices of Appearance are issued in immigration applications denied by immigration officers. The notices range from applications of immigratoin status adjustments (form I-485), Permanent Residency Registry, as well as immigration extension, change of non-immigrant status (form I-539) etc.

Notices of Appearance will not be issued with respect to requests based on employment and humanitarian requests at the moment.
The Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) will prioritize cases of persons with criminal records, fraud or false National security concerns or when an applicant abuses any program related to the acquisition of Public benefits. USCIS could refer cases of serious criminal activity to the ICE agency, before the adjudication of a petition for an immigration benefit pending before the USCIS without issuing a notification of NTA appearance.