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Official statement from our firm regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our legal firm is aware of the situation regarding the coronavirus. Therefore we have taken all necessary precautions to maintain a clean and pollution-free environment. We have a professional team in charge of cleaning our office which constantly cleans and decontaminates both our facilities and our equipments.

To ensure that our offices are maintained in the best possible environment, we make the following recommendations:

1. If you are ill, we encourage you to schedule appointments by phone or online and not in person

2. Anyone with flu, viral disease symptoms , headache, nausea, or flu symptoms (cough, phlegm, flu, sneeze, fever) will have their appointment postponed until further notice and will be given the option to make an appointment online or by phone

3. All staff in our office have disinfectant gel for them and every client that comes to our office.

4. Staff who have any symptoms of illness will not be physically present in the office.

5.Every client that needs to be attended in our office will have to use disinfectant gel before being attended

Immigration appointments and courts

1. All immigration court hearings scheduled from March 16,2020 to April 10, 2020 will be postponed until further notice (only applicable to Master Hearings for non-detained cases). Notifications from the immigration court regarding the date of new hearings will be sent to all applicants. You can also check the status of your court case by calling 1-800-898-7180
2. All clients with interviews before immigration officials including asylum interviews, naturalization appointments, and interviews for family and residency petitions must attend their interviews as previously scheduled. However, if you have any symptoms of illness such as the flu, cough, headache, fever, runny nose, nausea, vomiting or any indication of a contagious disease) you have the duty to postpone your appointment. Instructions for rescheduling your immigration appointments can be found in your appointment notification
3. Officially the government of the United States has canceled the entry of flights from Europe and China until further notice.

We will be praying for our clients and our community. We will be believing that God will keep us safe while quickly healing all those affected by this virus. Let’s keep our family and friends in prayer while taking all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this virus.


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