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Until future notice, our firm will serve the public only online, or by phone. For active clients we ask to send any document via email or fax. We want to take all necessary provisions to ensure that our work environment is free of contamination, which will allow us to better serve our clients. To schedule an appointment or find out about your immigration case, you may give us a call at:

P: 888-644-3683 (US number)

P: 305-586-7770 (international number (Whatsapp)

Let us keep our family, friends and community in prayer so that they remain healthy and free from any mishap.

On behalf of the @jesusreyeslaw team, we thank you for your trust as we make every effort to help you and your family achieve the American Dream. Although physical contact will be limited until future notice, our offices will continue to operate on a regular basis for the benefit of our clients.

If you are not a client and want to open an immigration case, you can contact us during office hours.

Thank you so much,

Law Office of Jesus Reyes

Important Updates:

1. The immigration court will temporarily postpone all courts (both individual and master hearings) which were scheduled from today until April 10h
2. The USCIS immigration agency has postponed every appointment interview and appointment with immigration which was scheduled from today until April 1st
3. Flights from Europe, Iran, China to the United States have been canceled
4. Relatives of persons detained by ICE will not be able to visit their detained relatives but may call them by phone or contact them through an attorney.