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Certain Asylum applicants under MPP will be able to resubmit their cases.

Certain Asylum applicants under MPP will be able to resubmit their cases.

A measure has been announced that will give immigrants who were rejected in their asylum cases the opportunity to resubmit their cases.

Who will benefit?

When is it expected to start?

How does it work?

According to representatives of the Biden Administration, thousands of immigrants who were rejected during the “Stay in Mexico Program” or MPP of former President Trump’s administration, which prevented foreigners from seeking asylum and remaining in the U.S. even if they allege credible fear, would be considered for a review of their asylum cases; in this sense, the measure to process rejected cases will be activated starting this June 23rd, this would benefit approximately 10. This would benefit approximately 10,000 immigrants whose cases were closed, either because they did not attend their hearings, or because such hearings were closed early or arbitrarily.

On the other hand, officials of the Biden Administration are requesting that people whose asylum cases were dismissed or rejected and who wish to reconsider, not to travel to the border, to enter only to the UNHCR website, which is the non-profit organization of the United Nations in charge of protecting human rights that is helping to process these cases, there will verify the receipt of confirmation that was given at the time and through that will determine if the person concerned qualifies for this program and may have the possibility of entering U.S. soil.

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