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Trump does not want to count undocumented immigrants in the Census

The President of the United States Donald Trump signed this Tuesday, July 31st, a memorandum ordering not to count undocumented immigrants for the purposes of the 2020 Census.

But what is the reason for such a decision?

Let us begin by informing, first of all, that participating in the 2020 Census is important, since its result depends on the fair distribution of federal funds for hospitals, schools, highways and public works throughout the country, as well as the “ redefinition of state and federal public seats in Congress. ” It is precisely at this point that the legal controversy that has arisen these days throughout the country has originated, and where undocumented immigrants are involved.

As is generally known, the US Constitution establishes that every person in the country must be counted every 10 years; it is considered a duty and their participation is required in article 1, section 2 thereof.

However, neither the Constitution nor the Census defines the legality of the person as a requirement for counting, only the total number of inhabitants is considered, regardless of their immigration status or legal standing; and it is at this point that the National Executive’s concern arises regarding the delineation or definition of both state and federal Electoral Districts in the midst of an electoral environment as is being seen in the United States, arguing that a population of a state such as California or Florida that has a greater number of undocumented immigrants could have a greater number of congressional seats, which it would not have been able to obtain otherwise.

Without entering into any partisan politics controversy, this measure is expected to be challenged in Federal Court by pro-immigrant organizations and activists.