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If you recently received a green card , you may have to return it.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service noted that a group of residence cards printed between February and April of this year have the wrong start dates; therefore, the Immigration Agency will begin notifying this week more than 8,543 affected people or their respective lawyers to return them in a prepaid envelope within 20 days. According to the agency, the affected were the husbands (a) of US citizens who applied for residency under petition I-751. USCIS also reported that the immigration status of any applicant will not suffer consequences for this technical error, and that they will receive their new cards within 15 days after the defective ones were returned.

Those who are in the process of traveling outside the United States must extend their plans until they have received the new documentation; however, if the affected person “urges” travel while waiting for the replacement card, they can contact the USCIS Immigration Agency at 800-375-5283 to determine if they need additional testing.