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No more Public Charge Rule

The Biden Administration has recently decided not to appear before the Highest Court of Justice of the United States in order not to justify the demand imposed by the previous Administration of Donald Trump before the Highest Court, to tighten the Public Charge Rule against the most economically and socially disadvantaged immigrants for receiving government assistance, in this way clearing the way for this Rule not to be implemented.

As will be recalled, the Administration of President Donald Trump tightened the Public Charge Rule, stating that immigrants requesting social and economic assistance from the Government were a risk to public finances; however, this rule ceased to apply shortly thereafter while it was resolved in the Supreme Court of Justice, if it should be implemented in the terms that the Trump Administration indicated.

Now, in this way, the Biden Administration puts an end to this Public Charge Rule that punished people who, in the previous Administration, applied for government assistance by rejecting their application for residency.

Dear reader, if you, or any of your relatives or acquaintances were rejected in your immigration process due to the application of this Public Charge Rule, I suggest you contact our offices as soon as possible to find a solution to your case as soon as possible.