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Important announcement about the DACA

President Trump announces the implementation of a merit-based immigration system that would include a path to citizenship for Dreamers.  Will this be possible? 

As we all know, the Trump Administration has over the years supported its “Zero Tolerance” policy through Executive Orders, which are unilateral and arbitrary measures that do not go through Congress for discussion and approval, and thus become law; an example of this is the Executive Order strengthening Asylum requirements, the Executive Order penalizing Sanctuary Cities, the Order revising the H-1B program, among others.

Now then, the president of the United States, recently announced through a Hispanic-American media, that he wants to implement a merit-based immigration system in which visas to enter and remain in the country can only be obtained through a points system, in which the educational degree, work experience, age, knowledge of the English language, among other aspects of the interested person, would be valued.