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Federal judge temporarily suspends President Biden’s recent moratorium on deportation

A federal judge in Texas has just reversed the 100-day deportation moratorium announced by President Joe Biden’s administration. In this case, temporarily (but unfortunately) the suspension of deportation is null and void and deportations are reactivated. This means that if you do not have immigration status or have a deportation order it is important that you immediately seek legal advice to see if you qualify for any immigration relief, which could possibly protect you from any deportation, among possible relief could be a TPS (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti), DACA, DED (Venezuela), asylum application or an application for residency through an immediate family member’s request.

Although the judge’s order is temporary and there is a possibility that the moratorium or suspension of deportations may remain in place in the future, it is important to act now and not leave your immigration future up in the air.

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