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Federal Judge dismisses lawsuit filed against the Trump Administration’s Immigration Suspension measure.

Federal Judge Michael H. Simon of the District of Oregon, dismissed the lawsuit filed by the American Association of Immigration Lawyers AILA, who were seeking to overturn the executive measure to temporarily suspend immigration for 60 days, along with another class action lawsuit regarding the mandatory requirement for Medical Insurance to Green Card holders; In this sense, the Judge responded to the AILA Bar Association that there is no relationship between the 2 established lawsuits and the executive order announced by President Trump; in addition, the Federal Magistrate informed that the fact that the executive order may impede or delay the processing of immigrant visa applications is not a mitigating factor related to the first class action lawsuit regarding Medical Insurance for Green Card holders under the “Law of All Mandates”.

It is important to mention, that one of the main arguments of the American Immigration Lawyers Association was that minors, upon reaching the age of 21, would lose the possibility of the Green Card sponsored by their Parents, delaying for years or decades their entry to the United States; the decision affects the Parents of Immigrants.

Now, with regard to the Green Card, where the Administration has required Medical Insurance, Federal Judge Michael H. Simón, considered that perhaps the US President took an unlawful action, therefore, he temporarily suspended the Executive’s measure, in addition to classifying the lawsuit of AILA and other organizations as collective.