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Federal Court prevents immigration from requesting proof of Health Insurance from asylum seekers.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal has recently made the decision to favor arguments supporting the court order that prevents the U.S. National Executive from requesting asylum seekers to provide proof of Medical Insurance.

The lawsuit was filed by differents pro-immigrant organizations at the request of the Central Government to suspend the judicial order given by the Oregon District Court on November 26 of last year, in favor of the arguments presented by these organizations which support the Family -based legal system, as issued by the U.S. National Congress.

It is important to note, that in the event that the Court of Appeal had been in favor of the Trump Administration to suspend the court order that favors immigrants, it would have allowed them to demand a specific type of Insurance Plan from them.

Also according to estimates, it would had stop giving a number of Visas for immigrants, in addition to avoiding the entry of these to the United States, despite fleeing from their countries for reasons of greater cause explained many times in our blog, either for political persecution , race, religion, or belonging to a specific group that suffers discrimination.