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Federal Judge Allows Approval of 60,000 Humanitarian Visas

Settlement approved by the Federal Judge will favor more than 60,000 immigrants for humanitarian reasons.

Last Tuesday a Federal Judge approved an agreement to settle a lawsuit filed against the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for denying humanitarian benefits to immigrants who have suffered from domestic violence; the lawsuit had been filed last year by several pro-immigrant organizations, led by Salvadoran M. Castañeda, and Akhislesh Vangala, an immigrant of Hindu origin; it has been pointed out that the Immigration Agency (USCIS) has denied humanitarian benefits in cases of immigrants for domestic violence, due to reasons that are considered very trivial, that is to say of very little importance; in this sense, applications were rejected that left some questions unanswered, even when the same did not correspond to the case presented; or when the applicant left the blank space in the middle name on the application, simply because he/she did not have it.

Likewise, the Immigration Agency (USCIS) denied humanitarian benefits for domestic violence, simply because the immigrant used the word “None” or “Not Applicable” instead of N/A in the spaces corresponding to the filling out of the application.

Although this practice was in effect until December 2020, what they wanted to do through this agreement recently approved by Federal Judge Haywood S. Guillian, is that the Immigration Agency USCIS consider accepting the applications that were rejected during the Administration of former President Donald Trump, which are approximately more than 60. 0000 , which should be done as of the date of their original filing, for such purpose the USCIS Immigration Agencies will send notice to the affected applicants, indicating what they should do to ensure that their applications are recorded as filed on the date they were originally submitted, avoiding that many may be denied for not filing on the required date.