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Undocumented immigrant rights

Undocumented immigrant rights

Undocumented immigrants in the United States have certain rights that must be respected, although there is much confusion and misinformation about what these rights are. It is important to understand that, regardless of immigration status, all people have fundamental human rights that must be protected.

Right to equality before the law

First, all people have the right to equality before the law and to be treated fairly. This means that undocumented immigrants have the right to be protected from discrimination, education and other areas of life. They also have the right to access a lawyer if they are detained or face criminal charges.

Right to personal security

All undocumented immigrants have the right to personal security and to be protected from violence and torture. This includes the right to not be unlawfully detained, deported, and to not be separated from their families without due process.

Right to medical care

Undocumented immigrants also have the right to receive medical care in the event of an emergency. Although they do not have access to certain public benefits, such as Medicaid, they have the right to receive medical care in emergency situations, and to receive basic medical treatment in prisons or detention centers.

Right to Education

Undocumented immigrants have the right to an education. Children have the right to receive a free education in public schools, regardless of their immigration status.

It is important to know your rights as an immigrant, even if you do not yet have an immigration status. However, as we always recommend, you should always try to legalize your status in this country. For this, there are many different ways that with the help and defense of an attorney you could obtain a permanent residency, which would allow you to have even more rights and benefits, similar to those of a U.S. citizen.

Therefore, we invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation and review your case in detail, to evaluate what options you have.

Do not be left uninformed or merely with the opinion of a friend or family member who is NOT an immigration specialist, nor is authorized to give legal advice as an attorney can.

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