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A Federal Judge has annuled the restrictions established by the Trump Administration to immigrants who apply for Asylum due to domestic violence or gangs in their countries of origin

As it is well known, former Secretary of Justice Jeff Session drafted a set of rules for the Trump Administration, within the framework of the zero tolerance immigration policy, to restrict immigration. However, District Judge Emmett Sullivan said that the rules imposed by the Central Administration exceeded the Federal immigration laws, “is the will of Congress, not the whims of the Executive,” which determine what are the standards to deport someone.

It is important to note that this decision of Judge Sullivan’s ruling will affect thousands of cases in which immigrants are under orders of immediate deportation. The Judge also ordered the return to US territory of the plaintiffs who have been deported and prevent them from being returned again.

This is good news for many immigrants, so I must say that during my visit to the City of Tijuana in Mexico I had the opportunity to see thousands of people (Caravans of people) recently ask for asylum in the posts of the Customs and Border Protection Office on the US Southern border. Most of them with many needs and very precarious living conditions. However, there is a group that, although reduced, could now qualify asylum for reasons of persecution, whether due to domestic violence or gang violence, so the decision of this Judge opens the hope for thousands of immigrants to continue with their asylum cases