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Temporary Protection Status Program (TPS) approved for Venezuelans by the House of Representatives of Congress

The House of Representatives of the US Congress recently approved to grant Venezuelan immigrants a Temporary Protection Status Program known as (TPS).

The proposal of the TPS Protection Status Program for Venezuelans was approved by the US House of Representatives by 272 votes in favor versus 158 ​​votes against, and now must pass to the Senate Chamber.

The proposal had been denied on Tuesday, as it received a vote below the two-thirds required by the “Rule Suspension” emergency method with which it had been promoted. This time, the proposal was presented to the legislators under the regular procedures, which only requires a simple majority, for which it was approved.

So far this has been “good news” for our Venezuelan brothers as we know that there are a large number of them in an unstable situation. In Florida it is estimated that there are approximately 170,000 residents which represents the largest group of asylum seekers. With this in mind, we will continue to monitor more on this issue of approval of the TPS for Venezuelans in the US Congress.