It is evident that the document issued by UCNAR recently reflects a huge concern about the number of Venezuelans who are leaving their country to any destination that comes their way; be it Latin America, Europe, Asia among others, in search of a better life due to the hard economic and humanitarian crisis that Venezuela is experiencing. This is why UNHCR invites all countries to take into account the Venezuelan reality and allow them access to their territories, make the asylum system more flexible, give them international protection, and ask them to take measures not to deport, expel, or force immigrants to return to Venezuela. It also calls for measures to be taken to combat the racism, discrimination and xenophobia that this wave of Venezuelan immigrants may experience.

Regrettably, this statement is not mandated by law, it does not represent a ruling with legal implications, but only an invitation to the countries to take measures in favor, in this case, of the Venezuelan immigrant.  In addition, this neither implies that they will have a better chance of obtaining Asylum.