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Proposed Law Seeks to Increase Immigration Rates for the Year 2020

According to guidelines promoted by the Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS), the most common procedures – such as a request for Permanent Residence and Naturalization, among others, will have a change in prices in their application forms for the next year 2020.

The Immigration and Citizenship Service (USCIS) has the power to increase its costs every 2 years. “Currently, the USCIS Agency is conducting its biennial rate review, as stipulated in the Financial Directors Act of 1990, to study the Agency’s costs and needs.”

However, by way of example we can point out that the N-400 form for a petition to become a US Citizen will have an increase of 83% from $640 to $1,170. Another form that would have a price increase is I-881, a request for Suspension of Deportation that currently has a cost of $285 per person, would go to $1,800 an increase of 216%.

Next part in the price changes proposed by USCIS:

I-90 To replace Permanent Residence Card from $ 455 to $ 415, a 9% reduction

I-102 Replacement request / initial nonimmigrant arrival document from $ 445 to $ 490, an increase of 10%

I-212. Permission Request to Reapply for Admission in the US after Deportation or expulsion, from $ 930 to $ 1,040, an increase of 12%.

I-539. Application to Extend / Change Nonimmigrant Status from $ 370 to $ 400, an increase of 8%.

I-751. Petition to eliminate Conditions of Permanent Residence (Couples) from $ 595 to $ 760 increase of 28%.

I-765. Application for Employment Authorization from $ 410 to $ 490 up 20%

I-929. Petition to qualify as a member of the nonimmigrant family, from $ 230 to $ 1515, an increase of 559%.

Other increases include a $ 50 fee for asylum applications and an increase in DACA renewal.

To receive public comments, the announcement in the Public Registry will be on November 14 of this year.