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New Opportunities for Immigrant Professionals in Utah

New Opportunities for Immigrant Professionals in Utah

The lives of immigrants in Utah are about to experience a significant change thanks to a new law that will allow professionals to validate their degrees obtained abroad and practice their careers in this state. If you are an immigrant with a professional career, this news is for you.

The SB-35 Law, proposed by Senator Curtis Bramble and Representative Cory Maloy, has opened a path for immigrants in Utah to validate the professional degrees they obtained in their countries of origin and acquire the necessary licenses to practice their careers in the state. This law promotes the PA Licensure Compact, which streamlines the process for state licensing boards to issue licenses and professional certificates to those with an international bachelor’s degree.

But, what do you need to do to take advantage of this opportunity? First, you must participate in a census that is carried out on the Utah Department of Commerce website. This census is available in Spanish and requires you to enter general information about your degree or profession that you practiced before arriving in Utah, your legal status, and how long you have lived in the state. Importantly: you will not be asked to enter your name, age, or address, as the main intention is to collect data from areas of interest and migration information to help those in charge formulate plans that best suit the needs of the immigrant community.

Once the information is collected through the census, the Utah Department of Commerce will enable a web page where professionals can apply to obtain their licenses. This will allow them to work in their respective professions, be it as lawyers, doctors, engineers, among others. Of the 625,000 Latinos who are eligible, only 1,500 have participated in the census so far. For this reason, the organizers have extended the survey until the end of April, thus providing a wider opportunity for those interested in practicing their professional career in Utah.

To take the census, you can enter this link https://singuser4d21f2ad.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_e9kj16mS3QuQvGe. If you have any questions or need more information, do not hesitate to contact the program manager via email: alexanderbybee@utah.gov .

This new law represents a great opportunity for immigrants in Utah. Not only does it provide a way to validate titles and professional skills obtained abroad, but it also contributes to the diversity and economic growth of the state. Don’t miss this opportunity to make your professional career count in Utah!