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Hondurans have 18 months to regularize their status or leave the country

The Department of National Security of the United States indicated that the conditions for which the Protection Shelter TPC was granted, which protects more than 56,000 Hondurans after the scourge of Hurricane Mitch, no longer exist and that the conditions since 1999 have already improved , therefore, the TPC must end.

It is widely known that the TPC given to depth was granted in January 1999 during the Government of former President Bill Clinton, as a humanitarian response to the passing of Hurricane Mitch, now the beneficiaries of the Temporary Protection status will have until January 2020 to leave the United States or regularize their immigration status through other legal channels.

Hondurans whose work permits expire on July 5 should process their application again, however, it is recommended to wait because new regulations will come.