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The 5 Duties and Rights of Permanent Residents in the US

The U.S. Permanent residence: a synonym of winning the lottery for many people around the world! This allows people from all over the world, from every nation and from every culture to have the opportunity to integrate into the American society and contribute their share to this great nation; likewise it allows them to obtain several benefits. However, the new policies of the current administration of President Donald Trump have made many question whether obtaining permanent residency is, in fact “permanent.” The interest has only increased due to the news of several permanent residents being deported from the United States. Here we will list the 5 duties and the 5 rights of every permanent resident of the United States and how abiding by the duties listed below, the permanent resident will not only not have a risk of being deported but would rather enjoy her or his stay in the United States:

5 Duties

1. Respect and abide by the all federal, local and State laws

2. Report change of address to the immigration agency (USICS) within 10 days

3. Renew your residence before it expires

4. Men age 18-26 must register for military selective service

5. Must obtain a re-entry permit to re-enter the country if the person will be out of the country longer than one year


5 Rights

1. Right to travel within the United States and abroad

2. Right to permanently live in the United States

3. Right to request children or parents under a family petition to become a resident of the United States

4. Right to work in the United States

5. Eligible to apply for the US Citizenship after 5 years of residency (or 3 if residency was obtained through an American spouse)