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The Supreme Court of Justice of the United States decided that the Government cannot automatically deport immigrants who commit certain crimes

The Supreme Court has ruled today against a provision of the Federal Law that facilitates the deportation of immigrants convicted of crimes of violence because it is considered too ambiguous, imprecise, and confusing. The decision was approved by 5 votes in favor and 4 against. This decision supports a similar one to that of a Federal Court of Appeal in San Francisco.

What does this Supreme Court ruling mean?

Good news for the immigrant community especially undocumented people and residents who have committed according to the criteria of the competent authorities “violent crimes”, but as of today the Supreme Court decided that it is not constitutional not to define a violent crime; for example –  the courts considered violent crimes a robbery even if there were no damages to victims; however, now there has to be physical damage to people and also substantial, therefore it will not result in deportation.

But how is this going to affect immigrants who have had problems with justice and are at risk of being deported?

Immigrants will now be able to argue their cases, including being returned so that a lawyer defends them in the courts.