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The federal judge suspended the immigration policy of sending immigrants to Mexico who request an asylum even if they are not originally from that country.

As is known, an asylum seeker has the right to present his case in an Immigration Court while many of them are allowed to remain at liberty, while their applications are processed since the immigration authorities do not have enough places to deal with the massive arrival of people who are arriving to the southern border of the USA with Mexico, of which a large part are from Central American countries; In this regard, the US Administration agreed with the Mexican Government before Christmas last year on a program for immigrants to have to wait in Mexico, the neighboring country, for the result of their asylum application, which has provoked strong criticism within and outside the US However, on Monday of this week the Judge of the Northern District of California issued a preliminary order that will go into effect next Friday where the Central Administration of the US will not be able to implement or expand the program for sending the asylum seekers to Mexico. South border.

According to sources, the decision of the Magistrate addresses the narrow question of whether the Central Government of the United States had followed administrative laws when implementing the policy to return asylum seekers to Mexico; in addition to the legal question that whether the program to stay in Mexico (MPP) is a smart or humane policy, or if it is the best approach to face the circumstances at the border.

The Federal Judge also said that the Government would allow the 11 plaintiffs in the case to enter the US starting on Sunday.