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Immigration Alert – ICE is expected to start Immigration Raid in Miami this Sunday

What to do if one is stopped by ICE? Here we share 11 essential tips.

Federal Immigration Agents (ICE) recently disclosed to South Florida media that their agency will be starting operations to detain people who have deportation orders.

It is estimated that these operations will begin on Sunday. Of this group, two categories of deportation will be a priority: people who entered the country without being admitted, and who at the time they entered the country illegally were 18 years old; as well as people who were ordered deportation orders in absentia. Generally, people who are detained are prosecuted in an immigration detention center.

The question is, ‘what to do if one is arrested in an immigration raid and does not have legal status?’

 Here we suggest the following tips:

1. Keep calm and have discretion. Although it is important not to panic, at the same time be cautious. Avoid federal buildings, or ports of entry to the country such as airports or cruise ports. Do not drive without a license if it is not necessary.

2. Be proactive: hire an immigration lawyer in advance. You may qualify for immigration protection that allows you to have legal status in the country to protect you from any deportation or problem with Federal agents.

3. Keep copies of all your legal documents in your home and with a person you trust.

4. Abide by local, state and federal traffic rules. Avoid problems with the law.

5. If questioned, always tell the truth as well as ask to see an immigration lawyer.

6. Be respectful and honest with the ICE authorities, but do not disclose information that has not been requested or otherwise.

7. After clarifying that you want the assistance of a lawyer, you have the right to remain silent.

8. You have the right to ask to see an immigration judge.

9. Do not sign anything you do not understand.

10. It is recommended that you have a power of attorney that allows you to have a trusted relative, preferably an American, a legal resident or with legal immigration status, who can handle your interests if you will be detained.

11. Last and most importantly, do not lose faith and remain calm. With adequate legal help and a lot of faith in God, you will have more chances of being able to surpass and get out of any situation with federal ICE agents.