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Foreigners with a J-1 Visa are in danger of losing their immigration benefits.

As you may recall, recently the Trump Administration made the decision to provide economic stimulus checks to the citizens and residents of this country, with the purpose of activating the economy that has been plagued by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the implementation of this measure has presented the US Tax Service, known as the IRS, with a certain problem with foreigners with J-1 Visa, since many of them made the mistake of making their tax declarations as residents, presumably, using a tax company system and programs, through the internet, which led them to receive the check of $1,200.00, which is the amount of the relief check, by mistake.

It is important to clarify that the J-1 Visa is a Visa that is granted to foreigners who are part of cultural, student, and academic exchanges in the United States, and many of them must declare taxes in the U.S., since they have had the opportunity to work.

It is also important to report that the IRS has asked these individuals with a J-1 Visa to return the payment as soon as possible and as a result, it has published a series of instructions on how to return this payment, both for those who received the check and for those who received it via direct deposit on their accounts.

It is recommended to act in time to avoid any penalty and put your immigration situation at risk.