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Federal judge decided not to Block the Trump Administration’s Immigration Ban.

Federal Judge Amit P. Mehta of Washington D.C., has just dismissed the lawsuit filed by the AILA Bar Association, which would block the President’s Immigration ban, signed on April 22nd .

As you will remember, the 60-day Immigration Ban issued by the Trump Administration prevents the issuance of Permanent Residences in US Consulates and Embassies, a determination that affects American citizens who seek to sponsor their immigrant relatives and those who were favored in the Visa lotteries.

But what was the Judge’s argument to justify this decision?

The Magistrate considered that the lawyers who challenged the prohibitive order of the Trump Administration, in response to the loss of employment in the US due to the coronavirus, did not offer arguments that their immigration cases had been stopped as a result of the prohibition, since according to the Judge “at this time, the Court can only speculate whether the contested actions have caused or are imminently causing family-based Visa applicants to experience any backlog… or Lottery visa applicants lose the opportunity to receive the Visas. 

The Federal Judge also considered that the plaintiffs failed to demonstrate that blocking the Executive Order would help advance their cases, considering that some reasons are not directly related to the Proclamation, since the Consulates suspended people-to-people services due to the coronavirus.