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New Immigration Plan Announced

What is the immigration plan announced by the Trump Administration just a few hours ago?

The plan announced by the Central Government of the USA is based on 2 fundamental supports:

– Border Security

– A system based on giving priority to the entry of immigrants because of their merits and not because of their family ties.

Regarding Border Security, the plan does not include making a large continuous wall across the entire southern border as the Trump Administration had originally proposed – but now walls will be built on 33 strategic sections on that border.

In addition, a large security technology infrastructure will be implemented at entry points and around the border to keep illegal immigrants away. In addition, resources will be allocated for the inspection of goods and people in ports of entry among other measures.

Regarding the merit-based system, we can highlight that the US will be given access to people with extraordinary talents, professionals with specialized vocations, and a system of points will be established based on age, English proficiency, job offer and university diplomas.

The announced plan reduces half of the visas by family bond and substantially increases the work visas. This also diminishes the granting of humanitarian visas and also contemplates the elimination of the Visa Lottery.

On the other hand, the announced plan does not include the Dreamers or Young Dreamers covered by the DACA Deferred Action Program, nor the beneficiaries of the TPS Temporary Protection Status Program, nor does it answer for the legalization of 11 million undocumented immigrants.

As for the viability of this plan in becoming law, chances are low due to the composition of the political forces that operate in the Congress of the USA that in reality are very divided.