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The 6 Steps to obtaining the American Citizenship

The dream of many around the world and certainly by many immigrants in the United States is to one day become an American citizen and belong to the fabric of this great nation. More than celebrating American holidays such as Thanksgiving or Halloween, or more than speaking English or listening to country music, being an American citizen has a deeper meaning: it is a great privilege – being a citizen of the most powerful country in the world. Period. At the same time it carries a great deal of responsibility: the assurance of respect, obedience and submission to the US Constitution, the duty to posses a good moral conduct and even be willing to defend and give up your life in battle for the Constitution of the United States. If you are ready for the challenge here are the 5 requirements to obtain the American citizenship:

1. Obey the constitution of the United States

2. Have good moral conduct: That is, not have committed any aggravated felonies or crimes against the morale of the United States

3. Know basic English (There are exceptions for people who meet certain age and legal residency requirements where this requirement is waived)

4. Have been a legal permanent resident for 5 years (or 3 years if the residence was obtained through marriage with an American spouse)

5. Pass the civic test

6. Swear allegiance to the flag and Constitution of the United States.

Follow these requirements and prepare yourself for you’re a new adventure as a citizen of the United States!