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CBP One App, what is it for?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently launched a new mobile application called CBP One. This app is designed to facilitate immigration processes for travelers entering the US.

CBP One allows users to:


  • Complete the I-94 form electronically before arriving in the U.S. The I-94 form provides basic information about their trip to immigration officials. Completing it in advance streamlines the admission process.
  • Pay immigration fees in advance. Users can pay fees such as the ESTA Visa fee through the application, avoiding delays at points of entry.
  • Access up-to-date information on wait times at airports and land border crossings. This allows travelers to better plan their travel.
  • Communicate directly with a CBP agent if they have questions or require assistance.
  • Receive alerts about their immigration status and expiration date of documents such as visas. This helps maintain legal status in the U.S.
  • Store digitized immigration documents such as passports and visas in one place.
  • It is recommended that everyone planning to travel to the U.S. download this app for a smoother experience at points of entry into the country.


You can download the app here: